Some AMAZING battery life result shared by RGUI ROM Users

15.06.2013 17:30 - Rohit 
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This is my battery life with power saver off and WiFi off as I have decent LTE. Pretty much a light user I guess texting mostly,websurfing, speedtest app a lot , downloading apps, skyscape medical app etc. Next test is with powersaver on. This Rom sleeps like a baby...... The Android kernel takes bout 20%....

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[zitat]I've been using this ROM since 3 days now. And by far this is the most fluid and stable ROM out there and I've almost used all.

And to top it of.. this has given me the maximum battery life I have got from the One may it be on Stock (non rooted) or any other ROM.

I got a total run time of 10:30 hrs... (I am a VERY heavy user)
Screen on time of almost 6:30 hrs (Auto Brightness)... WOAW
Phone Calls : 2:30 hrs
Wifi or 3G always on
Watched an hour or so of Videos with a bluetooth headset.
Whatsapp whole day.. almost non stop Tongune
Facebook, chrome, Youtube videos.. etc
NO Power Saver; even when it comes on automatically below 15% i turned it off!

All in all this is the Perfect ROM for my Perfect ONE!

Million Thanks to the Dev. 
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