User comments: + + + + jhonsok:"This rom is awesome! I love the RGUI battery and dialer. I especially love the 30 step volume interval...I don't understand why it wasn't like this in the first place... It's the first day but so far the battery seems good. Still have yet to use it for 24hours. Great job!" + + + + jo.sta:" gh.rohit, your Rom is incredible. I've been using a more customisable Rom prior to RGUI but found that it was having a huge impact on my battery life. On RGUI, I get all the customisation I wanted from the previous Rom with amazing battery life too! I've used a handful of roms on multiple devices and this is the best of them all by far."       + + + + "@gh.rohit before this rom I was not familiar with your work, I am very impressed with this ROM, the kitchen and (most of all) your support. I have had my ONE for over a month running stock because I was hoping to wait for a stock T- Mobile RUU to surface before flashing a custom ROM....but I couldn't resist. Thanks for your excellent work."

Windows Desktop Gadget HTC One M7
26.07.2013 23:39 - onkel_neme 
Kitchen Changlog 26 July :-

1. Added crt-off animation
2. Added RGUI sms theme 
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RGUI V3 online now !
25.07.2013 18:01 - onkel_neme 

Check Download page or Forum for changelog and download.
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RGUI V2 user Video review
20.07.2013 10:20 - onkel_neme 
Hey Guys, check up this cool RGUI V2 video review from senior XDA Member kcbboy

Note: RGUI V3 is in beta test now.coming soon !  
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Kitchen Update:-
01.07.2013 20:27 - onkel_neme 
Update Kitchen:
Bulletproof-m7-3.2 - Double tap to Wake

CodexSound_M7_v4.3.1 - works fin with Poweramp

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RGUI Windows Gadget
23.06.2013 23:57 - onkel_neme

Rgui Windows Gadget available in 3 different versions.

RGUI Rom user
version shows Rom & Kitchen updates on Display,shortcuts to RGUI homepage & RGUI XDA Thread.
Shortcut to launch HTC all in one tool on HTC button.

nonRGUIus without specific Rgui links, version set all shortcuts to .com url.
Shortcut to launch windows task manager on HTC button.

RGUIde without specific Rgui links, version set all shortcuts to .de url.
Shortcut to launch windows task manager on HTC button.

RGUI Windows Gadget includes:
  • Shows current time an date
  • Shows RGUI rom info & changelog (RGUI user version)
  • open RGUI rom thread on XDA in browser (RGUI user version)
  • open RGUI rom thread on XDA (RGUI user version)
  • shortcut to HTC all in one tool (RGUI user version)
  • open your favourite browser
  • open Gmail in browser
  • open Playstore in browser
  • open Gmail in browser
  • open Dropbox in browser
  • open Facebook in browser
  • open Youtube in browser
  • open Ebay in browser
  • open Amazon in browser
  • open XDA HTC One area in browser (on appdrawer)
  • shortcut to windows task manager
  • shortcut to windows system control
  • shortcut to calculator
  • shortcut to windows paint
  • shortcut to windows desktop notice
  • shortcut to HTC all in one tool


To use "HTC all in one tool " check settings on Gadget.


RGUIgadget user version

RGUIgadget us version

RGIgadget de version
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