User comments: + + + + jhonsok:"This rom is awesome! I love the RGUI battery and dialer. I especially love the 30 step volume interval...I don't understand why it wasn't like this in the first place... It's the first day but so far the battery seems good. Still have yet to use it for 24hours. Great job!" + + + + jo.sta:" gh.rohit, your Rom is incredible. I've been using a more customisable Rom prior to RGUI but found that it was having a huge impact on my battery life. On RGUI, I get all the customisation I wanted from the previous Rom with amazing battery life too! I've used a handful of roms on multiple devices and this is the best of them all by far."       + + + + "@gh.rohit before this rom I was not familiar with your work, I am very impressed with this ROM, the kitchen and (most of all) your support. I have had my ONE for over a month running stock because I was hoping to wait for a stock T- Mobile RUU to surface before flashing a custom ROM....but I couldn't resist. Thanks for your excellent work."

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